{Positioning Statement}

Caleb Nott

What is design? A very hard question to answer simply, for design is such a broad title that many different professions fall under. If you were to ask different types of designers this question, I’m sure they would answer differently. But I feel like there is a middle ground that many areas of design share. So ill do my best.

Design is the development of ideas to provide solutions to many different problems. Design is bringing those ideas to life to improve a quality of living or experience. Designers are there to help you see possibilities and make changes to the world for the better… usually.
I personally want to be apart of this. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of something so exciting? Growing up I was never afraid to stand out, as a designer I feel I will be much the same; I’m here to push the boundaries not to fit in with the norm.

Furniture and lighting are areas of design that have always interested me as a designer, but I am looking forward to exploring many areas of product design and pushing myself as a designer. I am also very interested in the manufacturing sides of product design and can’t wait to bring my ideas to life.