So we’re back at it after a well deserved break, new assignments, papers and lecturers. I don’t think anyone really knows what to expect, but that uncertainty is rather exciting. We have been given a new assignment that incorporates both our design thinking and studio papers, which involves enhancing the pedestrians experience at the Queen St Victoria St intersection in the centre of Auckland City. 


Part of this assignment is working in a group as a collective work force where we share ideas and workloads. I’m gonna be honest and say I’m not a massive fan of group work… at this stage, and my group is made up of very talented guys who in the past semester have produced a really high standard of work consistently. I guess one of my biggest apprehensions moving into this assignments would be can I keep up and will I have a positive influence in the group?


For the next two weeks we are focusing on creating an effective research base, which will help us to build a platform on understanding knowledge before jumping into harvesting ideas. Research is not one of my strong points as of yet and I will really need to push myself to produce the work expected by my fellow group members. The team followed a plan this week on who would do what and when we need to have it done by. this strategy has proven very efficient and has allowed us to keep up with the workload easily. 


I was really impressed at the way our group worked this week due to some of the questions I had asked myself at the beginning, I think we work well together and will continue to do so.