Into the second week, and we are starting to realize the volume of work we have to produce. It was a bit overwhelming at the start of the week, but we made a plan so that we had small tasks that we could achieve easily and tick off. Creating small tasks as part of a big picture has been really beneficial for our team as we all know what needs to be done by when, and when they are smaller they feel much more achievable.


This weeks tasks included working through investigation techniques such as interviewing the public, role playing, creating P.O.V statements and personas. These techniques proved really helpful and made thinking empathetically a lot easier, it also and proved some of our assumptions to be not so true as well, which was really interesting.


This week we also noticed a lot of physical work starting pile up and decided we better start to document of of our studies into our portfolio. We decided to split up the page work evenly, which I thought was going to be hard for we would all come back with completely different styles of laying out the work. But due to a well thought out template and making sure everyone new roughly what was required it didn’t turn out as disjointed as I thought. After we had completed our set pages we all sat down together and reflected and improved on pages where it was needed, the end result being a cohesive start to our portfolio.


What we found with this work is that the private Facebook page we ma de earlier in the project proved to be very useful in communicating ideas about layouts and tasks that needed to done and everyone was able to bounce ideas off each other.


With a positive end to week two, its time to meet our new lecturer clark which should be exciting!