Week four and we are starting to get somewhere with our ideas, expanding and building on the work we did last week. This week we broke down our ideas and built them back up to really pick them apart. We did this through different brainstorming drawing and prototyping.


First off we got into putting our chosen idea into lotus blossom form of brainstorming. We had chosen our idea of a countdown timer and as we started to pick the idea apart into sections we started to that this particular idea wasn’t as strong as we may have initially thought, it was just a little too conservative for all of us. So we then agreed to go through the process with another of our three chosen ideas, which was using directional sound to capture the attention of the users of the crossing. This time when creating our lotus blossom we tried using only drawings to portray our ideas to the others. This was a really fun way to get our ideas across to our team mates and we found it a lot easier to understand each others concepts. 


To take these initial ideas to the next level we all sat down for a couple of hours with an endless supply of paper and just drew till we ran out of ideas. Whether the ideas were stupid or extreme we put them into visual form and put them in a big pile which was later reviewed and displayed on a pin board. we started to see that we all had completely different ideas of where the ideas should go although most of the ideas consisted of a basic cone shape. It was really cool to see everyones different ideas and styles start to unfold as we start to become more aware of each other we are working better together.


Our next task in developing our ideas for directional sound was prototyping these ideas in the form of sketch models that we made from card, foam, plastic, and popsicle sticks. This was a lot of fun as we started to see our ideas loosely come into a 3d form. Our ideas would sometimes flop on their head as soon as we started to make it in 3d, but it was a good learning curve for all of us. The first day of prototyping consisted mostly of focussing on the cone shapes we had been drawing and how we could make a simple cone structure more exciting. This started to hit a bit of a dead end as we started to see we were not focusing on a whole product but just one element. We started to realise that it really hard to manipulate a shape to create directional sound and that it may be better to incorporate a technology that already exists into our product. The next day with fresh brains we started to investigate into free standing options for our directional audio idea, this proved to be far more successful as the day before as everyone kicked into gear and started to produce ideas left, right and centre. These new ideas were going in a much better direction, and the group started to all agree on certain structures. At the end on the week we had narrowed our ideas into a few variations of similar shapes.


Im pretty happy with our groups progress this week and feel like we on a good wave length with each other too, I’m really excited to see where it leads in the next week.