After a few different expeditions into countless scrap yards and picking businesses brains I stumbled across some interesting materials. Materials that were either going to landfill or were on their way to go through many energy draining processes to get back a useable state. I found it hard trying to twist anyone’s arms at the scrap yards for they seem rather attached to the junk they have piled up, but i guess it is the business and they wouldn’t make any money if they were giving out scraps to any willy nilly uni student that wandered on in. A couple of the materials such as old wiring was plentiful in these scrap yards but is still rather expensive to buy from them. But if you were to use such a material and give it a new life it would eliminate many of those energy draining processes. Other places I visited such as a marine fabric distributer had all sorts of offcuts and plastic packing that was destined for landfill that would be a lot of fun to play with. So I think I have a good base of materials from a wide range of different sources to experiment and play with new possibilities for these materials.