So we have finished our week dedicated to experimentation. I didn’t quite do as much as I thought I should have but some of the experiments I did do were really cool and can’t wait to do more with those materials in particular. The materials that were the most successful were the plastic packaging, aluminum sign board and the old wiring. I also found that some of the materials I didn’t really like and almost payed no attention to but then again if some materials are working well for you why wouldn’t you focus more attention on them? Although I’m happy with my approach so far I think a bit more work is needed from myself to do well and to come up with a great idea more time needs to be invested in my experimentations. I have also have found it hard to get initial ideas out of my head but i think some great ones are emerging from playing around with different techniques of altering the materials, and as I work with them more I have been able to see a lot more potential in them.