This week I worked on getting all my ideas on paper which is a part of the process that I really enjoy. It allows me to explore many possibilities quickly and efficiently. when sketching I found my self focusing on the shape and construction of the component that would house my planter, sometimes I find it really hard to get an initial idea out of my head and you can really see it in my first drawings. So I tried to change things up a bit and draw something different and even went back to experimentation to see if another direction would poke it’s head out.



This saw some different shapes start appear and develop, but I still really appreciated the simple box that I was working on earlier. I know it’s probably not what any of the lecturers want to see but I think there is something special about a simple box if executed well.


I been Having a lot of trouble keeping up with the workload at the moment with so much going on outside of uni. It is so important that I put establish some small goals so I can see how much I must get done and when I should have it done by. This week has been a week of ideation and trying to explore options for a final product. First off I did a mind map of all the ideas I had whether they were weak or strong it didn’t matter. Then I put all my ideas on a two axis chart to evaluate them on how they reflected my opportunity statement and my material experimentation. Then I singled out three different ideas to investigate further.

This week I have been experimenting more but mostly with the aluminium sign board cause I find it really interesting and there were a few really cool results when cutting it up and putting it back together in different ways. My motivation has not been at its best week as I am struggling to keep my attention on my uni work, I think because its so close to holidays i have slowly slipped into holiday mode. 

This week I finally finalised my opportunity statement which was of great help in giving me something to work towards and focus on a reasonably specific solution. After looking through the apartments for the guests of AUT, I thought the apartments lacked a bit of warmth or character. So I came up with an opportunity statement to look into the problems I had observed. 

” I see an opportunity to celebrate the excellent architecture of the university and Auckland city through a product for a guest that travels continuosly that will help in giving a sense of homliness, for that current apartments are stale and lifeless.”



So we have finished our week dedicated to experimentation. I didn’t quite do as much as I thought I should have but some of the experiments I did do were really cool and can’t wait to do more with those materials in particular. The materials that were the most successful were the plastic packaging, aluminum sign board and the old wiring. I also found that some of the materials I didn’t really like and almost payed no attention to but then again if some materials are working well for you why wouldn’t you focus more attention on them? Although I’m happy with my approach so far I think a bit more work is needed from myself to do well and to come up with a great idea more time needs to be invested in my experimentations. I have also have found it hard to get initial ideas out of my head but i think some great ones are emerging from playing around with different techniques of altering the materials, and as I work with them more I have been able to see a lot more potential in them.